Teaching Commedia dell’Arte

‘Teaching Commedia dell’Arte’ is a teaching manual that will enable teachers to effectively communicate the mystery of Commedia dell ‘Arte.
‘Teaching Commedia dell’Arte’ contains resource directions, planned workshops and comments from the author s personal experience. It is a necessary handbook for teachers committed to providing their students with the best possible results in their class.
The handbook contains concise planned lessons which can be extended or shortened depending on the need of the classroom, contributions from Tony relating to personal experience, a character introduction and preparation time-lines.
As a teacher you will be able to better plan and implement your lessons and the whole time you will have Tony s experience at your side.
In ‘Teaching Commedia dell’Arte’. You will find the perfect companion to enable you to get the most out of your class in terms of participation, skills and enthusiasm. Having trained in Commedia dell’Arte at the International School of Comic Acting in Italy, studying under Antonio Fava an artist of international acclaim, Tony has developed into an expert in training the Commedia dell’Arte ensemble.
Rely on him and his book’Teaching Commedia dell’Arte’.