Commedia dell'Arte Training

Commedia Unmasked have a long and proud partnership with Theatre Practitioners Online.

Theatre Practitioners Online host an online learning platform that shares a number of performing art methodologies and empowers the students to embrace Live Interactive Theatre.

Here are just some of our favourite Commedia dell'Arte training programs, however you can find many more at

Finding the Spirit of the Mask

Taking a student through the process of how to put on a mask and finding the Spirit of the Mask. Italian Commedia actors believe that each of the masks has a spirit and that an actor must ‘let go’ and allow themselves to see the world through the mask’s eyes (literally and figuratively). You might mention the ancient tradition of mask possession that still takes place in Voodoo rituals – to impress upon students the power of masks, and this idea of being ‘possessed by the mask.’ Convey this information with seriousness and gravitas; you want the students to feel they are about to experience something profound, exciting, and a little frightening — because, they are.


Word Association Improvisations

‘Word Association Improvisations’ is a Five-part improvisation series that I have strung together to allow students to find freedom and excellent improvisation in performance whilst working as a team. This work builds strength in an ensemble.


Performance Art

Drama students are adept at creating performance art concepts, Utilising there ensemble skills their group can come up with performance art concepts within minutes with this new collaboration technique.


My Commedia dell'Arte Marco Luly

The aim of my course is to develop acting skills and stage presence as well as to improve self-awareness and participation in group work.
Objectives of my course include:
Action-Reaction, Awareness, Being part of a group, Body expression, Coordination, Improvisation, Interaction, Mask, Observation, On stage-Off stage body, Rhythm.