Set of Seven Commedia dell’Arte Masks

Hi Tony Kishawi here, and thank you for your interest in my sets of Commedia dell’Arte masks.

I’m holding here the original leather mask that was made by Steve Novak and this mask and the set of masks have been in our company for over 13 years. We find these to be wonderful spirited masks, whoever the wearer might be they seem to be able to capture that spirit that comes from the mask.

So, I spoke to Steve Novak about making some rubber latex versions, and so we’ve made these replicas… Because they’re more accessible, they’re cheaper obviously than the leather and we tried to make them look as leather as possible so that it keeps that authenticity.

And we’ve tried to make them successful masks for the student or for the drama room. Each mask has got an adjustable strap so that when you’ve got many different people trying on the same mask they’re easily adjusted. We make the eye holes a little bit bigger so that the students don’t complain “No, it’s sticking in my eye miss”… and so on and so forth. We want the student to have a successful experience and when they’re putting on the mask.

So we actually put them into a packing box here. You’ll get this in the mail which is the standard post box here. But we’ve actually put a saddle inside the box for storage so that when you actually put the masks away in storage, you’ll see that they sit over this raised area, which allows the rubber latex to keep its shape.

And here we have Pantalone, the miserly old man. He’s our latest addition. We’ve always had a set of seven masks but Bentley O’Toole is now our mask maker, who’s continuing making these rubber latex masks. He’s added his own style to give it that leather authentic look, and with Pantalone, he’s given him this sort of untidy old man look for Pantalone. You’ll find that the students love playing this miserly old, man.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you liked our Commedia dell’Arte masks.