Words from Al Wunder

A lot of my work has been influenced by Al Wunder.  


Why improvise? Why not just do a well-rehearsed play, dance piece or music composition if the intention is to have it received as if it was well-rehearsed? This is a question I have asked myself many times. The writing of this book has helped me answer that question in a more meaningful way than the initial childlike indulgence of doing it because I like doing it. 

One of the aspects that determines the quality of a performance is the minimisation of theatrical moments which are cumbersome or boring. Scripted, composed, and choreographed performances go through a long process of development: rehearsing, editing, and refining. Everyone involved in the production works diligently to improve the show up to, and in many cases beyond, the opening night. Finally, the audience arrives with an expectation of seeing a polished performance and would be quite disappointed if there were too many rough edges. 

Owing to its nature, improvised performance attracts an audience, which is equally, if not more interested in the performer’s skill to create the content they are presenting. The polished faultless performance plays second fiddle to the wit and ingenuity of the improvising performer”.

Quote: The Wonder of Improvisation by Al Wunder ISBN 0-646-455559