‘Extended Non-verbal Communication Improvisations’

Dancers do class every week to keep fit and flexible. Actors sit around in coffee shops and only talk about it! I would like to start regular acting skills classes starting in the New Year.

First Steps
It is my plan to introduce myself to the community of artists to run my ‘orientation program’ before the end of the year (this is something I often use before I start any project whether it be rehearsals or theatre intensive). It is called ‘Extended Non-verbal Communication Improvisations’. It is normally a two-hour workshop session. Gold coin donation at the door, as this is an introduction so that people get to know who and what I do.

Plans for 2023 I am very flexible to fit in with anything that is in place at the moment. My Acting Skills ‘Musicality of Movement’ Actor training class could be once a weekday or evening 2 – 3 hrs. I am also open to organising acting intensive sessions over weekends or weeklong projects. As I am able to teach a variety of topics within the acting genre, apart from Actor training skills.

My style of teaching aims to bring out the best in each student. It is motivational, compassionate, and supportive, and uses Spontaneity, Complicité theatre techniques, storytelling, Non Verbal communication, and Mask work. It is peer-driven and student-centered.

Summaries of my Professional Development training courses/workshops are below. I can of course supply more details for each when requested.

  • Acting Intensive Sessions
  • Creating a Healthy Ensemble
  • Non-Verbal Communication and Empathy with the Audience
  • Clown for the Actor
  • Commedia – using masks as a teaching tool

I believe that while the workshops I teach and facilitate have a light-hearted and comedic leaning, the skills learned from the underlying concepts are an invaluable part of an actor’s overall training, that balances the light and the dark – the comedic and the serious. All forms of drama/theatre have an essential element of comedy that opens up the arms and hearts of the audience to accept what is unfolding.

I also believe it is vital to ‘give back’ by sharing my 45-year experience and guiding the next generation.

Tony Kishawi
Tony Kishawi

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Kishawi
Commedia Unmasked

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