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José Gabriel Campos fala sobre sua oficina ‘Commedia Dell’arte’ (English translation transcription).

English translation transcription: I still had not worked with Brazilians and the truth is that it is a very positive experience, because … I am very curious about cultures. And it is curious that, for example … Brazilians are more like attitudes when interpreting comedies with the countries of the …

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La escenografía en la Commedia dell’Arte: El espacio. or The scenery in the Commedia dell’Arte: The space (Eglish translation).

English translation: Hello welcome. If you want to follow us … Today we will talk about space in the comedy of art, and we will also give you some suggestions on how to pose the scenography and attrezzo in your shows. As you know, the Comedia del Arte was born …

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Characterizations for the Commedia dell’Arte: Arlecchino.

English Transcription: Let’s show you how to create a candid, innocent, joking, playful character For this, the most important thing will be to round out the features of the actor or actress. In our case, we will work with an actress. We will also apply a round nosepiece and we …

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El vestuario en la Commedia dell’Arte.

English translation Montse Amenós has worked as scenographer and costume designer on more than one hundred theater, musical, film and television shows. His sets and costumes have stepped on the best stages of the country. He has collaborated with companies such as Dagoll Dagom, National Drama Center, National Classic Theater …

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Commedia dell’Arte Masks by Arnold Sandhaus

Maskmaker and performer Arnold Sandhaus shows five masks. Buy his book: “Acteren, drama en beweging”, http://www.theater-atelier.com “Schauspielen und der Impuls der Commedia dell’Arte”, http://www.europeanum.eu In this movie you can see Pulcinella, Pantalone, Arlecchino, Dottore and the Capitano. Distributed by Theater-Atelier.com Visit http://www.theater-atelier.com source

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