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Tony Kishawi’s Masterclass ‘Creating a Healthy Ensemble via Commedia role models’.

Creative Connections: The Currency of the Future

Drama NSW State Conference
Friday 10th & Saturday 11th May 9:00am – 5:00pm
Bradfield College, St Leonards

Renewal – Drama Australia Symposium 2019


Tony Kishawi’s Masterclass
‘Creating a Healthy Ensemble via Commedia role models’.

Everyone knows the old adage “You can do things from behind the mask that you wouldn’t normally do on stage”, it releases the inhibitions. My work with Commedia has also given me insights to bring into the teaching space that enables students to find greater confidence and trust within themselves.

In the drama room, I have now shifted my preoccupation to making sure that the less confident students are able to rise up to join all of the activities, and not to be pushed out by the confident ones who always get up first and receive all the accolades.

I will offer developed workshops, improvisational games and exercises that always allow every student in the room to have a Positive Experience. To achieve this, always plan lessons with appropriate warmup games that will inspire the students and then they will feel confident enough to step up and not be the last to volunteer.

90 min Masterclass

Creating a Healthy Ensemble via Commedia role models

* Maintaining follow-through on expectations
* Effective routines, how to minimise disruptive behaviour
* Understand the behaviour function of behaviour
* Develop effective, strong, relationships, good relationship underpins good behaviour management.
* Shared ownership, Shared responsibility
* Gradual Transitions, Peer-driven, Student-Centred

List of the common problems that my workshop will address.

* Students sit around talking in small groups and some students arrive late.
* Segregation, cliques, those you can and those who can’t.
* Problems with the same kids getting up first and the not so confident ones hang back.
* Trouble with the confident ones that muck up by making fun of the class exercises.

The drama room is a space that is treated differently than all the other classrooms (we even clear the space of tables and chairs ready for physical work). When entering through the doors of a drama room or theatre, it should be expected that there is a certain expectation of behaviour and respect for each other and whatever is created within the space.

I have entitled my Masterclass ‘Creating a Healthy Ensemble via Commedia role models’. because I believe drama students should be treated as you would a small theatre ensemble, no different than any small company working within the community. If you endow your students with being professional, they will rise to this assumption.

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