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Unboxing Set Of Seven Commedia Masks

Tony Kishawi’s Unboxing the Set-of-Seven Commedia Masks

Hi Tony Kishawi here and I’ve got my set of seven Commedia dell’Arte masks in this box here. And I thought I’d do one of those unboxing videos that you see on YouTube.

So this is what you would get if you ordered my masks. This comes in a storage box and we wrap this up in paper, so I didn’t want to sort of wrap it up and then unwrap it just for the unboxing. But the reason why we do that is we don’t want stamps on the on the box you know because this is something that you’ll keep and hopefully you know will be with you for a long time.

So let’s have a look what’s inside. So here we are. We’ve got the mask sitting hopefully quite comfortably in the box here and I’ll just show you what else comes in the box. So we have the character list. So this character list here is… got the descriptions of all the characters that are in the box.

We source the information from John Rudlin’s book and a scene study book by Bari Rolfe. So hopefully this is a good source to reference.

And also, I’ve put in here some care for instructions so that your mask will last for a long time. A bit of a description, the design of the masks, who made them, and so on and so forth.

So let’s have a look… Oh, if you ordered my masks and the book combination – it’s actually cheaper to do it that way. You can get it inside the box like this saves on postage. Well, actually postage within Australia is free if you order these masks! So more about my book later.

So here are the masks let’s have a look at them, or should I say let me show them off to you because here is the leather look. Now we’ve made these to look you know, like replicas. So now the reason why we’ve done this is a leather mask kind of has a gloss a shine when you burnish the leather it’s quite a shiny surface.

And so, therefore, we’ve tried to mimic this with gloss finish on the rubber latex mask. And you can see they’re quite sturdy, they hold their own, they’re not floppy things that you might find other mask sources. So I’m very proud of these. They work really well.

They’re spirited masks, what I mean by that is, is that, when the wearer puts them on, they get inspired and create good characters.

So here they are we’re pulling him out that was Pulcinella, Arlecchino… This one is Tartaglia. And we have The Captain – El Capitano. And what do we got… Brighella.

Now I’m gonna bring your attention to this strap here whilst I’m doing this. I’ve mentioned this because I think that it’s a very very good idea for the longevity of your masks. What I mean by that is, that the most common thing is that people stretch the elastic to fit it on their head and this can be the weakest point. And we’ve reinforced it with some gauze. You can see it quite clearly on this one. It’s embedded into the rubber latex when it gets made. And so, therefore, it’s a very strong reinforcement there and also the added assistance of having an adjustable bracket here. So that you know fits many sized heads when you’ve got…

Before people have decided their character they’re going to perform, many actors will be trying on the masks. And there’s The Doctor… And here’s Pantalone. I guess Pantalone’s good because the students love playing this untidy unkept man. It’s a miserly old man. And of course, you can see the wrinkles in the nose there.

As soon as they put this mask on and they get inspired. They know what this character should be like.

Okay so now I’ve taken them all out because I wanted to show you inside. Inside the box here we’ve got a bit of a raised area. I’ll just show you… it’s… I’ll pull it back… You see here, we got some cardboard. It’s like a saddle. What I mean is that when you put the masks in storage they sit over the raised area so that they keep their shape. And this is important because if you just throw them in a drawer you know they get all flat and squashed and out of shape.

And rubber latex has a memory. In other words, it will stay in that shape until you know, kind of warm it up and it will go back to its shape when it was out of the mold.

So there we are, we have the set-of-seven back in the box and I won’t put the book back in there but there you are… You will get this in the mail if you order my set of masks. So hopefully, you like my unboxing. This is what you’ll get in the mail if you order them and if you go to my website you can check out all the other teaching resources that I have.

So thank you very much for watching, staying these few moments. If you like, you know, give us a thumbs up, a share, if you know somebody who might be interested in these forwarded on to them and make a comment, in the comments. It’s kind of nice to just know that there are people out there watching these videos. It’s a lonely
world on the other side of the camera.


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