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Tony Kishawi going live Talking about Commedia!

So what I’ve got here is my Commedia Unmasked I’ll just quickly show you jump to the desktop where are we there we are so I’d like to point you to a blog that I found or it’s a video on YouTube that I found at National Geographic.

It’s about Slava and it’s a mini documentary I think I might be able to click on that open it up I found this fascinating and I’m sharing it with you hoping that you haven’t seen it because I looked at Youtube’s counts and it says it’s got million subscribers to this and it’s had two hundred and sixty-seven thousand views. So I guess I might be a bit of a late comer but I find it absolutely fascinating to hear clowns talk about their profession in life and the role that it plays I think there was a quote in there saying that I think Slava said that most actors wish there could be a clown I think that’s really good because I’ve always thought that the clown was the second-class citizen of the acting world but in actual fact plays a much deeper an important role in our society.

Okay so the New South Wales drama conference was very successful it went you know just last weekend I went for two days I must have been about 200-250 drama teachers all meeting together and I present it to them my theatre practitioners online website which I can show you here, here we are we’re at the Theatre Practitioners Online, it’s live or should I say its up and you can go to the website but it’s still in beta mode,

Now I made an offer my last video as well, that I’m looking for people who want to be beta testers and that means you go into the site and have a poke around have a look at some of the courses. Here’s the page that I’ve reloaded, no I didn’t, okay I’ll go to the courses so you select it all courses here and it would take you to all of the plan and courses that I have at the moment I’ve only got sort of one short course as a test and another one that I’m building at the moment currently building which is called commedia essence let me see has it loaded there it is Commedia Essence, Clown for the Actor, Naive Masks, Mask Family, History of Commedia, although I’m not an expert on the History.

So if you want to have a look around please go to the the site and also there is a registration page so you click on the register to become beta tester and you will be able to collect your information and I’ll send out a code which will let you into the courses.

So here we are on the front page again let me scroll down, I want to show you the register button, there we are beta testers we are looking for beta testers on the right on the front page if you click on that register now you’ll be able to put in your contact details and I’ll be able to send you the code to get in when we start our testing so thank you very much for that.

I think that’s all I have for to share, I hope that you find my videos interesting, let me see if I can get back to the screen, there we are, I’m back again, well at least on the full page. so please send me a message, you know, ‘like’ or make a ‘comment’ let me know that you’ve found this video and you’ve watched a little bit of it, maybe share it with friends and hopefully you’ll find my content interesting thank you bye bye.

Theatre Practitioners Online

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