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‘Theatre Practitioners Online’

Hi everyone I have found a name for my new initiative. Thank you for all your suggestions.

‘Theatre Practitioners Online’

www.theatrepractitioners.online (not live yet).

I am creating an On-Line video training platform that will allow Drama Teachers within Australia and (hopefully) the rest of the world. A collection of theatre practitioners that are able to share their teaching methodologies via online video and video streaming technologies.

This idea came about during the NSW Drama Conference ‘4CING The Future’ 2017. Where I met Mark Bunnett, He is the president of the Territories Drama Association, He spoke of the difficulty of being in a remote area and the difficulties of getting access to Professional Development that was offered at the ‘4CING The Future’ 2017 Drama Conference.

This is when I offered the idea for a live streaming webinar of a Professional Development workshop in my area of expertise ‘Commedia del’Arte’. Mark and I now have a plan in place to conduct the first live streaming, in the Northern Territory Professional Development workshop for July 2018.

If this live webinar is effective it will be recorded and saved to the website if there are other practitioners that follow our footsteps and we saved their Professional Development video, It can be added to a library of Professional development resources which could be accessed at any time by its members or one-off fee.

I see this platform being similar to a specialist bookshop, I am not trying to create a library of all teachings. I’m creating a library of teaching resources from specialists in their field.

My elevator speech:

“Acting is knowing how to listen and communicate, teaching is the observation of what the student needs and when they need it.

Thank you for all the suggestions

Here are some of the names:

  • The resource space
  • The Edge On Drama
  • The Edge
  • E-learning Pedagogy
  • Theatre without Barriers
  • New Drama Horizons
  • Theatre practitioners
  • The theatre practitioners
  • Theatre practitioners online
  • Primary Source
  • Education Resources
  • There Knowledge pool
  • The Drama Mine
  • Theatre Masterclasses online
  • Theatre Workshops

If you are interested in this workshops, make a comment and say ‘Yes’ I’m interested!

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