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Characterizations for the Commedia dell’Arte: Arlecchino.

English Transcription:

Let’s show you how to create a candid, innocent, joking, playful character For this, the most important thing will be to round out the features of the actor or actress. In our case, we will work with an actress. We will also apply a round nosepiece and we will integrate it with rounded cheeks to get a mask effect. We are going to work on the characterization of an Arlecchino. But we could also work a Polichinela with the same basic steps. For this character we will need: Make-up base color skin of light and dark tones, translucent dye to color, shades of color of various colors.

We will use, above all, orange and red, pink … Eyeliner or black or dark brown aguacolor, pink lipstick, a false nose. We better have several on hand, to choose the one we like the most. Mastic, a glue used in makeup, and latex for skin.

Well, let’s go.

First of all we will apply the false nose. We take the measurements of the actress’s nose and decide what we want to put. The one we have chosen is a simple rubber mask. We can also adapt and trim it from any rubber nose we found in a costume shop.

Before putting mastic it is better to clean the skin with a little alcohol. This way we ensure that it is well cleaned from scraps of makeup, own skin fat or sweat. This will make the insert or apply that we put sticking better to the skin. We apply the mastic nose with mastic, a glue very used for artistic makeup and easy to find. Once placed, we put latex or tail of eyelashes with a cotton swab in the outline of the applique.

The latex usually comes in a small tube in the package of the noses and false chin that we can buy in any costume shop. Recall that it is a special latex for the skin. It’s not a drug store line. If we do not have this latex, the closest thing to what we can work on is the eyelash. If you want to slightly diffuse the edge of the applique and fix it more to the skin, we can dry it with a dryer with cold air. We will see that it is dry when it becomes transparent.

Before applying any makeup on, we tint with translucent powders the latex or the tail of eyelashes to remove the adhesive touch. Then match the application of the nose to the rest of the face with a greasy or creamy makeup of the same skin tone. Then, we help with light and dark tones to create the volumes and rounded shapes that we look for the character.

Applying these clear and dark, we will mark the very rounded cheeks, resembling them to the roundness of the nose, in order to create a more mask effect. We will also round the chin to soften the face. The eyes and eyebrows will also round them. Then we tint the makeup with translucent dusts, which can be loose or compact. The powders are applied with a tassel.

That step sets the makeup well and prepares the base to use dry shades, blushes, that is, any powdered product. Then we review with shades of skin tones the work of volumes that we have done with the previous makeup.

From the lighter tone in the points in which we want to give greater volume, until the dark brown in the points of greater intensity or sinking. This step helps us to create more defined volumes and shapes through a clean blur. To do this, we will always use shades with an orange tendency to look for skin tones to prevent the makeup from becoming gray.

In the next step, we mark with black shadow the contour of the person’s eyes, the eyebrows, the inferior part of the nose, and the cheeks. If we want it to be much more marked, we can use eyebrow or aguacolor black or dark brown. Next we mark a very round rouge on the cheeks, orange color to give health and mischief to the character.

Then we draw with lips lips round lips but with the commissure up. This detail helps us create a roguish and joking character. Fill lips with lip makeup. We review the contours of the lips with light and dark to give more intensity. And we will fix it by applying, with a brush, some orange rouge on top. And that’s it. We have prepared our Arlecchino. With a hat and the final wardrobe, you are ready to act. Let’s remember the steps we have taken:

1. Apply the mastic nose with mastic, placing latex or tail of the eyelashes around the contour.

2. Match the application of the nose with the rest of the face with greasy or creamy makeup.

3. We round areas of the face. Cheeks, nose, chin, eyes and eyebrows.

4. Tint the make-up with translucent dusts.

5. Review with orange shadows the work of volumes that we have done before.

6. Mark with black eyeshadow or eye pencil the contour of eyes, eyebrows,

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