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My Little Pony and Commedia dell’arte: An Analysis of Comedy


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  1. haha great video just saying that Il Capitano is The captain "Il" being the and "Capitano" being captain 😛 just saying

  2. Great Video. My Theatre History Class showed this. Hooray that Ponies showed up in my class!!

  3. Great video and very helpful to those of us analyzing use of storytelling elements. Thanks to thespiritcoyote for pointing it out, and ZukusScaenicus for making it! Subbin'.

  4. This was the best find! My classes are full of bronies and now they will surely never forget commedia characters! (And think I am the coolest teacher ever) Honestly this is quality information and one of the most educational clips I have found on this art form! Thanks again!

  5. That being said, I found this video to be quite informative, and I like those types of videos, honestly.

  6. Thing about explaining comedy is that it's all completely subjective. Some people laugh at things that are either stupid or obvious, while others will sit stone-faced at a clever little bout or excellently-timed slapstick. Not to mention, unlike describing animation, writing, or direction, explaining comedy isn't that good because…

    Well, it's like dissecting a frog: you gain a better understanding, but it dies in the process.