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Commedia dell’Arte – Capitano


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  1. Fabio l'ho incontrato a Madrid dove eravamo ospiti dello stesso festival un grande professionista ma soprattutto umile e gentile

  2. Ma la postura del capitano dov'è?

  3. originally commedia del arte wasn't supposed to be in language. it was supposed to be in a kind of gibberish language called gromolot so that everyone could understand it through expression rather than words. also they traveled everywhere doing it so it was never in italian or spanish or english or any other language. each character had a specific gromolot .

  4. I love how, even though I have no idea what he's saying, I can understand almost everything that's happening by his tone and body. Wonderful! :D

  5. be good if you`ve learned italian! your
    arrogance is unbelievable, you english people pretend that all is in english! go to study italian and stop to break balls!

  6. Fabio Mangolini è uno dei maggiori esponenti, se non il primo di commedia dell'arte in Italia e in Spagna. Noi come associazione Venere organizziamo corsi di commedia dell'arte con Fabio, se sei interessato a imparare la commedia dell'arte (quindi anche le posture) sul sito dell'associazione c'è tutto.

  7. ottimo lavoro. Complimenti.