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Italian Culture

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The world has been changed by the great works produced by the Italian art and culture. The Italian culture is famous for its music, art, fashion as well as wonderful food. Since the ancient times up to the middle of 17th century, Italy was regarded as an important place of Western culture. It was here that worldwide occurrences like the Roman Empire, Roman Catholic Church and the Renaissance as well as reorganization in culture and education and new era started.

Whatever one is looking at including art, science, philosophy, law, culture, civil establishments, the Christian faith’s history or social customs and culture; the internal as well as external Western culture originated in Italy. Italy also played an important part in the crusade against the death sentence.

Both political and religious incidences have had an impact on Italian art and culture. The Italian Renaissance and Italian Baroque are the two artistic epochs which pioneered magnificent art to the world, with Italian artists, sculptors and architects creating masterworks which laid the foundation for future Italian art and culture. These are vital for the techniques they applied and the statements which they made.

It was in the Italian Renaissance era that Italy produced some renowned poets, musicians, painters, architects and mathematicians who created their own place in history.


Opera was born in Italy and for a number of generations Italian was the language used in opera, no matter the country of origin of the composer. Music writing also originated in Italy and as such, Italian words were used to guide everyone in playing music. As a result, every country has assumed musical technical terms in their Italian form, thus showing the important role Italy played in the music history especially in Florence. Giuseppe Verdi is reputed as one of Italy’s best opera composers.

Music ranging from folk to the traditional type has played a crucial role in the Italian culture and the country offers a broad base for the classical music tradition. A number of instruments related to classical music such as the violin and piano were created in Italy. A number of the present forms of classic music have their roots dating back to the 16th and 17th century Italian music innovations. Good examples include sonata, the symphony and concerto.

Italian Comedy

Comedy has been well-liked in Italy since a method referred to as   Commedia  dell’arte commenced in Italy in the middle of the 16th century and up to now it is still performed. The Ballet dance genre which is well-known today was initiated in Italy before it was exported to France.

Italian Architecture

Fillipo Brunelleschi is reputed to be “the first contemporary engineer and solver of complex problems using unconventional techniques”. This is according to PBS. He built the self-supporting auditorium for the Cathedral of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore which was the first of its kind in the history of the world. During the building of the dome, he created the first lift fitted with a reverse gear that collected construction materials off the ground onto the dome structure. He was the first architect to show how a vanishing point is established in order to get linear angle.

Source by Tobin O Opondo

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