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The World of Commedia dell’Arte


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  1. What about the Pierrot?

  2. "The ha ha, Bobby, the ha ha!"

  3. Intrigabound, dear watchers.

  4. Acting is not for Englanders. Leave it to the Italians.

  5. Hip pop dancer on Harlequin at 5 minute???? Power ranger at 8 minute for witch??? I think this is not Commedia dell'arte how it means in Italy. Come and study in Italy please, don't invent characters and masks…This is a very bad examples for students of all over the world…

  6. He is giving an reference once in a while about some characters in a word, I don't know if it is a movie or a play. And with my poor English I couldn't get the title. Could some one help me?

  7. Hi! First, I must congratulate the team of young actors and their teachers!! Second, I have a question… is there really a difference between Magnifico and Pantalone? Sometimes I find that they are usually referred as the same character.

  8. i everyone:) If you can have a look! It's a new team from Greece called Fuego and we're trying our work to be noticed!
    From March 2015 we will post videos with ( covers, choreographies , mini movies ,vines) so please it'll help a lot if we have your support. thanks for your time 😀 



  9. Off the top of my head, there are seventeen things I can do with this comment that are funny, and two that aren't.

  10. What's with the appropriation of the Kabbalah Tree of Life?

  11. Thank you so much this has helped me a lot :)

  12. Wow. Such an informative and helpful video with getting to grips with the characters of Commedia dell'arte. A lot of info on the internet is ill-explained and contradictive to other sources, but this is great and Didi Hopkins is an undoubtable reliable source of knowledge on Commedia.

  13. Professor Twilley down at the Arlen Learning Annex was particularly impressed with my character Tartuffe the Spry Wonder Dog. My father was not amused by my performance, however. All he had to say was, "That boy ain't right."

  14. Thanks National Theatre, great great help for studying Commedia! Didi Hopkins is a great educator, I hope to work one day with this lady.

  15. My school is starting a Commedia dell'Arte class, so this was extremely useful for really understanding what it's all about.

  16. Does the lady Deborah May have contact info I could have such as a email? I have a few questions for her!

  17. Thank you for this wonderful video. I'm interested in graduate MFA programs that are in the UK. Would you have any suggestions for students in the United States that are very interested in attending graduate programs in the UK?

  18. Kabbalah of Commedia dell'Arte, that is an interesting view?

  19. Thank you very much for your comment and best of luck in your performance.

  20. These video's have helped me so much! I am studying Commedia right now in school and have been struggling with the characters, but now feel much more comfortable with them! They all make much more sense now. When I was first explained it all, the characters were so much to take in. Thanks again! (I'm playing one of the young lovers!)

  21. Fantastic! Thankx for posting.

  22. Are the characters' positions on the diagram intended to correspond to the elements of the original 'Tree of Life' diagram? Or did the designer just like the shape and repurpose it?

  23. Thank you for all your comments and make sure you look at the other videos in this collection on Commedia dell'Arte.

  24. Thx for the video really helpful for my drama play

  25. Hello, it's possible to extend the diagram out to the side, if you add two smaller circles to the outside of the diagram at the same height as the Witch and link with lines to the 1st Actor, 1st Actress, Pantalone & the Doctor. The young lovers (2nd Actor & 2nd Actress) are usually the children of the 1st Actor, 1st Actress, Pantalone or the Doctor. Because of their youth they sit outside the social hierarchy. Apologies for that omission from the diagram. Thank-you for your comment.

  26. The two lovers (2nd actor + actress) were mentioned in the video, but don't feature in the final diagram. Do the lines show who can interact with who? I find these aspects of the diagram confusing, but apart from that I find this video very interesting.