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Commedia Unmasked went live to FB with Tony Kishawi

Transcription: Hello Hey you do Tony Kishawi we here going live on my Commedia Unmasked facebook page I got a message from facebook saying that the people my Commedia Unmasked facebook page haven’t heard from me for a while so i thought i’d better better go and make a post …

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Why Teach Commedia?!?!

Transcription. I Find teaching masks work Very interesting because it’s not just for teaching commedia You know like once you they’ve they found the spirit of the mask you introduced the history. Yes that’s right they find out, which character it was and they go “Hey i found that in …

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Screener for the film Commedia by Fava

Screener for the film Commedia by Fava – The Commedia dell’arte Step by Step. Commedia dell’Arte as taught by Antonio Fava. The world-famous maestro reveals the characters, movement, masks, and comic scenarios of Commedia dell’Arte. Born in the Renaissance, Commedia continues to exercise a powerful attraction in the world of …

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COMMEDIA CON CORINNA & FOOLS IN PROGRESS INVITE YOU TO THE 2 DAY CONFERENCE WORKSHOP LIVE STREAMING EVENT TO CELEBRATE COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE DAY The Commedia conference aims to discuss and explore Commedia dell’Arte for a contemporary Australian context. Through research, practical engagement and sharing of ideas and experiences, teachers and …

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ILC – Three Common Mistakes in Teaching Commedia

Interview with Tony Kishawi Three Common Mistakes in Teaching Commedia A common mistake for teaching Commedia is that the the art department of the drama department get really excited and they say oh let’s work together we’ll make the masks in art and we’ll use them in the drama, meaning …

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José Gabriel Campos fala sobre sua oficina ‘Commedia Dell’arte’ (English translation transcription).

English translation transcription: I still had not worked with Brazilians and the truth is that it is a very positive experience, because … I am very curious about cultures. And it is curious that, for example … Brazilians are more like attitudes when interpreting comedies with the countries of the …

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