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Characterizations for the Commedia dell’Arte: Arlecchino.

English Transcription: Let’s show you how to create a candid, innocent, joking, playful character For this, the most important thing will be to round out the features of the actor or actress. In our case, we will work with an actress. We will also apply a round nosepiece and we …

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Set of Seven Commedia dell’ Arte Masks

Hi I am Tony kishawi here thank you for your interest in Set of Seven Commedia dell’ Arte Masks. I am holding here the original leather mask that was made by Steve Novak and this mask set of mask have been in our company for over 13 years .We find …

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El vestuario en la Commedia dell’Arte.

English translation Montse Amenós has worked as scenographer and costume designer on more than one hundred theater, musical, film and television shows. His sets and costumes have stepped on the best stages of the country. He has collaborated with companies such as Dagoll Dagom, National Drama Center, National Classic Theater …

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The World of Commedia dell’Arte

The World of Commedia dell’Arte The world of Commedia masters, servants and lovers. They’re universal types that you see everywhere. We use this diagram to look at the world of Commedia dell’Arte. At the head you’ve got Magnifico. At the feet you’ve got Zanni at the shoulders you’ve got the …

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Clowns Don’t Wear Clown Costumes – They Accessorize!

The James Mora Trio image

Clown Costumes vs Clown Accessories for Costumes If you are looking to dress up as a clown for Halloween or a party, you could buy a clown costume that includes most of what you need for the event. But if you want to create a clown character, if you want …

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The Harlequin or Arlecchino – His Origins and Character

The Harlequin, also known as Arlecchino, and its many other forms including: Harleqino, Harlechino, Harlequinus, Arlechino, Arlechin, and Arlequi, is a character from the Zanni family, of Masquerade Masks out of the Italian Comedy – The Commedia Dell’ Arte. Zanni represent the lower class, usually holding positions of servitude. The …

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Improvisational Acting – Interview With Teaching Artist Catherine Weidner

Catherine Weidner has worked as Program Director of The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting at the George Washington University, The Guthrie Theater, Center Stage, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Bread and Puppet and the La Jolla Playhouse, and holds an M.F.A. in directing from the University of Minnesota …

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How to Build a Character For Voice Actors

Whenever people hear a beautiful speaking voice, they say, “Oh, you should get into voiceovers — it’s easy!” Think again. Voice acting, because that is what it is, is far from easy. You don’t have scenery, fabulous lighting, dance and costumes to help get your point across — it’s all …

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Italian Culture

The world has been changed by the great works produced by the Italian art and culture. The Italian culture is famous for its music, art, fashion as well as wonderful food. Since the ancient times up to the middle of 17th century, Italy was regarded as an important place of …

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