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Commedia Unmasked went live to FB with Tony Kishawi

Transcription: Hello Hey you do Tony Kishawi we here going live on my Commedia Unmasked facebook page I got a message from facebook saying that the people my Commedia Unmasked facebook page haven’t heard from me for a while so i thought i’d better better go and make a post and I’m trying to do this regularly whether once a week, at least, make some posts so that my own Facebook page is alive and well and functioning so when I have actually got to share today is that it’s nearly beta testing time for my Practitioners Online website my new initiative.

I’ve been doing a call out for people to want to go and have a look at my website have a poke around to have a look at the lessons that I’ve got there see if all of the features work on the website you know creating membership going through the lessons doing the quizzes I’ve actually put some quizzes together I thought that’s a bit gimmicky you know I don’t want to work tomorrow back quizzes but as I explored the website I found that the quiz is really quite useful because I put a simple question with a drop down multiple choice answer so it wasn’t going to, you know, test anyone truly to their mental faculties but I found that the answer that I would give for the reason for the question was it just another addition from me to, I guess allow me to speak about what my lessons are about. I like to think that it’s not just a drama exercise or like an improvisation with you know set up four chairs and then you do this and you ask for people to join in a lot of my classes I feel that has another level or a deeper meaning that sometimes isn’t conveyed if you just playing the game so I found the quizzes to be another level if you like so you know hey if you want to know what I’m talking about become a beta tester go to the the website and register hanging I’ll show you actually I should be able to show you the Desktop here it is so this is my Commedia Unmasked website this is where I post all my videos my live posts here is the Theatre Practitioners Online website and you go to the all courses here to have a look at what I’ve got not all of them are ready yet they’re to be released and down here down the page if you scroll down you’ll see here it is a call-out for the beta testers, so yeah click that and you’ll get taken to a page where you can register and then I will contact everybody I think it’s going to be starting next week so getting quick and then you’ll be sent a message to and a code to be able to log on and go through one of my courses is only a short course I just want to get some feedback from people to go through it see what’s there what’s missing you know see if you can break it for me so then we can know when we go to launch it’ll be working fine okay I’m going to show you something I found just recently it came in to my Facebook page it’s a wonderful wonderful idea it’s over in I think it’s Italy or it could be Spanish I’m not too sure the language here but it is a Commedia a performance being performed at a I think the Almada Theatre and it’s closing down and so they’ve made this performance to go and it’s of course you don’t need to know the language it is comedy sir Commedia Don Quixote which i think is a wonderful idea I love that musical. When I was when I was young my father took me to see Don Quixote being played at, the, where was it, it was at the Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne and fantastic, fantastic experience, I was about a teenager back then and just surrounded by the theatre and the theatricality is over all the wonderful music of Don Quixote I even remember it now I even sing I am “I am Don Quixote” around the house I would love to see your Commedia version of this and I wonder if they’ll stick to the script or whether they’ll actually embellish it with the Commedia Lazzi and so on and oh I forgot to mention the company that’s put it putting it on is called Tetro del Lazzi a very appropriate name and I wish them the best I’ve sent my sent them my best which is via Facebook so I think that’s all I have to say so if you’ve been watching this thank you very much don’t forget to share like comment let me know that says somebody out there listening to my regular live posts Tony Kishawi signing off from Australia ciao ciao.

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