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Commedia Dell’Arte with Baroque Dance


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  1. Where did you find this music, I'm being a harlequin for my A level solo and can't find any music

  2. this is awsome especially when commedia dell'arte is mainly improvisation so they might of made all that up

  3. OMG i love early style of ballet in baroque period! This is really awesome..its like the scene from the movie, "Marquise"I watched 5 yrs ago.

  4. Oh, such an uplifting and happy tune. I liked the dance too.

  5. i love this video
    i played Columbina
    and i had a AWESOME dress too!

  6. hahaha. this is awesome. ive gotta write this script.and im il capitano. so this was a really good source of inspiration. Shot man!

  7. it shows how flexible the mask is that you're able to perform a dance like that while playing him. it was interesting, though the baby was a little distracting. and it's a pity it wasn't better lit. but anything that promotes the commedia is good 🙂

  8. Awesome! was Arlecchino one of the bad boys? or where was he in the play?

  9. this is so cool that i found this video because i played harlequin (arlecchino) in our school production of pinocchio!!

  10. thank you!
    As you may have read the choreography ( the dance part) is an actual choreography written in 1680ish, the music is also from that period, amazing hey?

  11. nice music and choreography.. zanni acts well..

  12. Hi
    Thank you for your comment and yes you are right, I always did look at at as if we were do;;s but I like your statue idea, the coming to life
    Excellent observation
    Thank you

  13. thank you for your beautiful comments. We sure love what we do. We have more footage maybe we'll post something new. Do you like to dance or act?/

  14. This is a really good video clip! I love the dance and the commedia dell'arte… pretty good stuff!

  15. Veniceadriana
    Thank you for your comment, I liked some of your favorites.
    Mehlinda and ANGELA

  16. Lovely! Thanks very much!