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  2. that's what we doing in drama class of James Madison High school[san diego] for ms. thomas

  3. @palomacasso i accidentily hit somebody on the butt really hard….lol made a good slap noise

  4. very nice! Thanks so much for posting. I'm going to use this (I hope you don't mind) in a class.

  5. @mimexxl Amelie Soundtrack "Sur le fil" – Yann Tiersen

  6. @mimexxl Amelie Soundtrack "Sur le fil" – Yann Tiersen (:

  7. Eu amo a comédia dell'arte "Brasil"

  8. my class is doing this and i get to be the Harlequin, YA SLAPSTICK!

  9. I saw this video in class today too and FELL IN LOVE WITH THE SONG!! But it made Commedia dell'Arte to be sad, and only saddness…

  10. Where is the song from???

  11. thanks really helped me with my homework 😛

  12. I recomend you to change the music. so a sad music in a comedy matter doenst suits at all!

  13. greeat
    thanks for the help

  14. What the program you used to edit???

  15. this was very very very helpful..

    thank you sooo much

  16. This was truly beautiful, thank you.

  17. What's the song used in the video? It's so nice.

  18. to draw a picture of human poetry. Bravo!