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Commedia Dell’arte characters


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  1. Off the top of my head, there are seventeen things I can do with this comment that are funny, and two that aren't.

  2. Magnifico! A sheer delight!

  3. MARCO LULY…IMMENSO!!! TI HO RICONOSCIUTO DALL'INIZIO…STREPITOSO…chissà se ricordi il tuo allievo da Civitavecchia!!! Applausi!

  4. cool echt cool maar ik moet het voor school bekijken

  5. i played Capitano in high school.. ever since then i have fallen in love with Commedia Dell'Arte

  6. where is harlaquin??

  7. Nice..im playing this character too! cheers!

  8. ok why is pantolone rubbing his gentlemens area

  9. This video is very useful Im doing Pantalone for my drama

  10. Pause at 0:17 seconds! XD

  11. you are right, Andre! It's all wrong! …

  12. The girl rocks! Very clean and accurate with her movements.

  13. 1:19 i watched p*** straight after

  14. 1:19 i watched porn straight after

  15. where is pedrolino? 🙁

  16. pulcinella non fa parte della Commedia dell'Arte

  17. did this in drama. looks cool

  18. I can not watch any of this material with out cracking a smile.

  19. Duuuuuude…

    Theatre teacher showed this to us a few months back…


  20. there so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL.

  21. Anyone have some documents on how to make masks, the real way? cause i have to make my masks soon…

  22. I can't find any movements for La Ruffiana… -.- I need her movements for a drama project. >.>

  23. I wonder why they didn't include capitano… sigh… why am i even watching this…

  24. I'm going to be playing Doctor Lombardi in The Servant of Two Masters. This video really helped give me a good example of a nice character walk for him.

  25. Where the hell is capitano….?

  26. @Suenni11 it's not about copying what you obviously read in a book. it's about real life in these 2d characters.

  27. why arent they speaking italian?

  28. I played alot of these characters but never got to do the shows 🙁

  29. LOL! pantalon se pogne la graine !^^

  30. haha! Pantalon se pogne la graine! quel pervers xD

  31. Thanks for the help I needed this for our performance

  32. hehehehehe I just played Zanni in a performance today for year 8 😀

  33. we have to do this in class atm

  34. This is like looking on a plane crasch.

  35. And were is Pulcinella ????